Seminario UCALP:

The seminar pipe an excellent concurrence and he is probably the one that more enjoys, simply because between the assistants there was present a titular physicist of the chair of Physics of this high university and that it was coinciding with our thought of the accident of the city of Villa Gesell, formed of both versions of the report that they can think in the menu of this page of Internet, of the day 9/1/2014 that the same one was not an atmospheric beam since we it know and also it relied on the presence of an Architect that there is employed at organisms public of the province of Buenos Aires and is elaborating the protocol or disposition for the Buenos Aires beaches, I confirm to myself that the same one would be orientated in being employed on the competing ones at the preventive and not corrective sense, and they were not forcing the installation of the lightningrods as is it demonstrates the reports of the INTI, produced by the Ing. Mario Pecorelli, who demonstrates the risky thing that would be if lightningrods place to traedores of beams of the type Franklin or accelerators of ions

Ing. Roberto Rene Leal