El Capacitor Deflector de Campos Electroatmosfericos.

It is a protection system against the unloads electro atmospheric, based in the cancellation, distortion or reduction of the electrical field of the zone, with the aim to protect the zone to persons, animals and goods to reduce or to annul the risk of impacts of beams. The Capacitor Deflector of Fields atmospheric Electro what it does is to diminish the electrical field in a place to effect of which it eliminates the possibility of the fall of the beam, defined in the new regulation as areas of high risk, it is very probable that I operated on the ascending leader and avoid his formation, since also it is probable that it acts " deflating the electrical field " and preventing it from increasing coming to values of break of the dieléctrico of the air in order that his short circuit takes place, for ende the beam. 

If we are aware that the beam is a short circuit inside a "natural" capacitor that is the cloud (negative Carcaza), with the land (positive Carcaza, for induction), we are analyzing a negative capacitor, if the polarities are invested we would be before the presence of a positive capacitor, for ende what we do is to place a capacitor in parallel and not a resistance that would help to the unload of the natural capacitor (this is what the lightningrods do type Franklin, top or multitops and the PDC, lightningrod with starting devices), That on having closed the circuit achieve the bony spark the beam The protection realizes in the space of action of the Capacitor, bony in a limited area, the unload realized in another place, that it is where there will be the areas of minor risk or risk cero according to the new regulation, these areas will be protected by the lightningrods of induction type Franklin, or in his fault we can use globes or bombs you unload clouds to prevent the beams from could to fall down in areas where they cause problems. The natural electrical circuit is like appears in the figure: If the place where the natural unload takes place we incorporate an element that facilitates the unload of the natural capacitor, we will be incorporating a resistive element, this has to of be giving only in the areas of low risk. In order that this situation of unload, it is not provoked we must place a capacitive element to increase the capacity of the system and to prevent the short circuit from taking place, this was realized in areas of high risk. As debit of installing a CDCE to him: One of the electrodes to land and another electrode in the air, hereby will be to equal potential that the cloud, in the natural capacitor and he was adopting his value of load. The forms of the CDCE can be unimaginable, only it will depend on the areas to protecting and defined as " HIGH RISK ". A cloud of storm depending on the zones, moderate or tropical, they have inside yes, bariums cores of storm, these cores are the generators of the unloads and therefore the unload was avoided in an alone place, reduced and of action of the CDCE, the rest have to of be protecting by similar means or generating the unload depending if the area is catalogued without risk. 

Though it has to a very exhaustive study being realized, knowing that the water of sea is much better conductive that the sand (composed by silica basically on having been with temperature and drought is the insulating perfect one) if it helps itself with capacitores baffles of electrical fields in the inns and with buoys to a distance calculated with tops that they should help the unload and a cable to the sea would protect the whole zone of coast. It is advisable that foresees the situation of risk and evacue the zone.