It notices: New paradigm


Much has been written with regard to the forms that they exist to be protected from the beams, also the written thing is great and indexed with regard to the formation of the beams, thanks to the Internet utilization we can internalize ourselves of information and statistics of the beams fallen in different zones of the planet, this great database that is Internet informs us about these values, though it is true that not all the information is reliable or verifiable we must take like certainly those who correspond to organisms that across the time have gained prestige, both State organisms and Private organisms.

From the appearance of a protection system based on the theory of the Franklin, ionization of the air, for effect top or effect crowns, generating a propitious environment for the unload of the beam and his energy, an element captor, from the above mentioned unload and the movement of this energy to land removing it with elements connected to land, many modifications have been realized to this beginning by the healthy intention of improving it. Desde el uso de material radioactivo (hoy prohibido en todo el mundo por el desmanejo posterior y riesgo a la salud) hasta aceleradores de iones con medios electrónicos o físicos a causa de la circulación de aire o aumento del campo eléctrico de la tormenta, en algunos casos alimentados externamente y en otros usando la energía del campo eléctrico en constante aumento de la tormenta, también se emplearon sistemas de hilos de guarda o multiplicando la cantidad de puntas, cabe destacar que todas estas variantes usan la misma base tecnológica,  ionizar el aire para captar la descarga eléctrica y trasladarla a tierra.

The both National and International procedure began to be written protection alternative being based on this premise as only, theories were created and supported, facilities were regulated both of electric power and of telecommunications, safety etc, failures were issued and pronounced sentences.

Regardless and using the resources that were necessary, the beam continues damaging, it was never possible to handle his energy, because in those cases in which he believed himself to handle a tiny energy was alone opposite to the energy capable of developing a beam, it is true that the appearance of a beam of high energy is one in a million, but when it comes it hurts and much.

Then in order that to continue with this theory? Because to look in the same large chests for the solution? Because to force to the procedure? If up to the fill they say to us that they cannot solve this problem, only attenuate it, it is enough to look at all the procedure of installation and protection against the beam written in the world, some with a work of investigation and justification, others as mere copies of the existing ones to be confirmed by the official and / or private organisms.

This problem accents every you see mas in these decades of great technological development, because not only the this technology in the companies of the big capitals, or in official organisms that they can face the costs of the technology, for two decades the technology began to join in the life of all the citizens, from THE PC one of office up to a system of monitoring, openings of doors, communications, storages of information, loads of fuels, management of companies, etc, etc., the systems are sensitive to the direct or indirect effects of the beams, for ende makes him that for his protection we think about another alternative completely different from the realized one at present, the new developers of technologies see that what it is necessary to to do is to avoid the beam, to act in the prevention, there give the reason who they say that it is impossible to handle the energy of the beam, because of it they search of not provoking it, not attracting the beam, if they know that the train was taking them ahead, in order that to put in the routes

Every new company or company that one adapts to this new paradigm was looking for the way of achieving it, was using the material that he believes necessarily, was searching of preventing the beam from falling down, was trying to disable his formation, because it is evidently the only alternative, since as they say: once formed the beam his energy is unmanageable and everything that one who insists in spite of unloading to land his energy will have to become a person in charge also of his consequences.


Ing. Roberto Rene Leal

La Plata 2013-09-05