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 Remains demonstrated and already there are no any more doubts, the systems used even finished the 20th century, as protection systems against the beam (SPCR), realized with captors finished in top and all his variants, they do not serve, do not expire with the principal aim for which they were so called: to be a lightningrod.

Some analogies with the word lightningrod:

Paragolpes: to nobody it happens to put a punch.

Umbrella: to nobody it happens to put a funnel.

 Parasol: to nobody it happens to put a magnifying glass.

Lightningrod: it has happened to us during many decades, to put a captor and to take his current to land thinking that we could handle and worse still accelerate ions in order that it avenges, and if the place is risky to put many.

The Procedure and all the both Official and Deprived organisms were supporting a system that not only brings disadvantage with the direct beams, also with the indirect actions of the beam, for mistake or omission, it is necessary before it is " much later " to provoke a change.

It is necessary that we support the fortunate ones who propose another solution, which they operate with the healthy intenseness of making a real lightningrod, they escape of the vicious circle of continuing doing protection systems based on the theory of the ionization and start a completely new way of operating with the storm before that the unload takes place and then if to have a lightningrod and to be protected.

It does not import which is the variant, the important thing is that many people are thinking about a change, different models and different factories will appear, but far from to traedor franklin, far from the accelerators of ions, far from the multipuntos, far from the ionization.


Ing. Roberto Rene Leal